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DC VISION has extensive experience across several industries. Our top industry experts offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough insights, either for a dynamic growth or for an independent business review.

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DC VISION will not borrow your watch in order to tell you the time ! We know why, how and what to do. We are authors of a proven know-how, not intermediary interprets of whoever’s external know-how.

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Digital Firm of the Future

In the life of the firm, something is changing. It’s not that your local DVD store went out of business. Or that your taxi driver now rates you on a 5-point scale. Or that anything can now be outsourced.

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Based on more than 25 years of experience in management of industrial corporations, from the global industry expert Libor Witassek. Do not expect any long academic text, it’s a brief collection of author’s observations from the real management practice.

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