Management secrets in a turbulent era: Discover the principles of company management as a living organism

Based on more than 25 years of experience in management of industrial corporations, from the global industry expert Libor Witassek. Do not expect any long academic text, it’s a brief collection of author’s observations from the real management practice.

The businesses are looking for a new balance within the vast vibrant global complex network of partners. In this book Witassek wants to share these insights he gathered from experience and observation in globally operating corporations. It’s all about cyclical equilibrium.

The world evolves very rapidly, but it changes quite logically, and even in seeming chaos, it can be quite predictable. One needs to be able to take a good look, understand what is happening in the neighbourhood, adapt and take action quickly. Witassek describes several stories about how the world is changing, about managing in chaos, about knowledge and agile strategies.

The constantly changing environment is therefore a great opportunity for the emergence of new companies, for the application of new business ideas, own agility and knowledge.

The economy is a living organism, it is not a machine, so it is impossible for a company to be driven as if it were a machine. Witassek explains how to use the principles of living organisms in the corporate environment. And perhaps most crucial, the book provides:

  • 13 practical cases and examples,
  • 10 exercises to assess the organizational performance and readiness for a turbulent era,
  • 10 T-Cards for an easy way self-assessment (KamishiBai),
  • practical guidelines to improve the implementation and to get the numbers.

Whether you’re a management newbie, an entrepreneur, a manager or a leader who knows that bold change is necessary to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world, this book will help you to get confidence and accelerate into a better, more profitable future.